Whether you’re looking to stay one step ahead with mobile payments, you’re looking to get paid faster, or you require multiple payment methods, including alternative payments, we have a solution that can help your business increase your sales.

Advanced and Reliable

Online Payments

Payments can be made by all major payment cards as well as alternative payment methods.

Payments can be made via:

  • the company’s WEB site
  • Mobile phones (iOS, Android)
  • Virtual Terminal
  • direct Payment Link – “Pay by Link”
Easiest and simplest way of accepting payments.

Invoice Payments 

Invoice Payments or "Pay by Link" - a solution of accepting Invoice Payments for your clients. No integration required!

You can accept customer payments with our "Pay by Link" solution, anytime, anywhere globally 24/7/365.

A direct link can be placed on the corporate WEB, leaflets or forwarded to your customers via:

  • Email
  • Text message
Solutions for restaurants and shops

Face to Face Payments

Card Machines Solutions:

  • Portable (POS);
  • Countertop (for Till);

There are no time restrictions and your customers can make instant payments 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Distance Payments by Phone or

Virtual Terminal for your Business

It’s the easiest and simplest way of accepting card’s payments by phone without physical presence of the card or client. It doesn’t matter where your client is.

  • By Distance - from anywhere in the World
  • No additional Software required
  • Without presence of the client or their card
  • Payment by phone for goods or services

Crypto Acceptance for your Business

Accepting Crypto payments without any conversion risk to your business is the easiest, simplest and most secure way.

You will receive Fiat directly into your account.

  • Irreversible payments - 100% guaranteed for no chargebacks 
  • Lower fees - no registration, no monthly charges and lower transactional fee
  • Extended clientele - increase sales by attracting additional customers

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