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Introducing the new SAFENETPAY APP!

Today, we are very excited to introduce our new mobile app that lets you manage your account through the comfort of your phone! Here are some of the feature you can find in this release:

Bank account details and balances

View all of your local and international account details and balances in one place

Instant confirmations

Get instant payment codes straight to your mobile

Get the latest news and offers

Get instant notifications, latest updates and news

Contact us easily

Download application

How to use

  1. Download the app from Google Play or Apple App store
  2. Log on to your web account, select "Mobile application' menu from the right sidebar and get 16 digit activation code
  3. Activate your app by entering the 16 digit activation code and set up your PIN

Your app is ready to be used!

To initiate a payment through the app:

  1. Go to your web account and initiate a payment as you normally do
  2. When prompted, use the payment code from your app
  3. Submit the payment within set time, and you are done!

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