About Safenetpay

Stop sweating payments

Paying and getting paid should be simple and effortless.

But if you’re a business, it’s often the exact opposite.

You have to complete stacks of paperwork and wait months to get your business account or merchant account application approved. Payments can take several days to clear. And the cost of exchanging currency can be higher than a Michelin-starred restaurant bill (without the foodgasm).

We decided to change this.

We rounded up some of the best finance, technology, and compliance experts in the biz and created a suite of products that make paying and getting paid faster, cheaper, safer, and... well, better.

The Safenetpay difference

  • By humans for humans
  • No faffing around, endless waits, or algorithms that say “No!” for trivial reasons. Apply online in minutes and get a personal account manager who’ll keep you updated on your progress every step of the way.

  • Pay and get paid from anywhere
  • Get a UK account number, sort code, and EU IBAN in your own name. Accept payments by credit card, debit card, and over 150 alternative payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. And pay in over 150 currencies, at fair exchange rates.

  • We always have your back
  • Our products comply with the strictest security standards, so your money — and your customers’ money — is safe. And if you have questions or need help, we’re always a phone call, email, or message away.

  • Pay it forward
  • We invest part of our profits in initiatives that improve our local communities. Partnering with us means you’re helping bring about positive, meaningful change where it matters most.

Our story

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, we’re an FCA-regulated payment institution.

Our business accounts and payment processing services help companies across diverse industries — from consultancies to e-merchants and art galleries — pay and get paid more quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively, so they can focus on what matters most — growing their business.

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